FTI Consulting Corporate Governance Survey

Capital Markets -Corp Gov Survey Feb 2012 FINAL

Here is the latest survey on Corporate Governance by FTI Consulting.  There were several interesting key findings:

  • Executive compensation is still a critical topic for investors and may be even more so than it was in 2011
  • Director independence and separation of chairman and CEO role are vital; investors are also focused on director qualifications and access to the Chairman
  • The trend toward greater shareholder involvement in corporate affairs continues
  • Proxy access is back
  • Other emerging issues in corporate governance have reasonably strong support
  • Ability to call a special meeting
  • Political contributions
  • Act by written consent
  • Decision-making on proxy matters is mostly independent and fairly balanced between PMs and Legal/Compliance

Of course, none of these issues is new but they continue to be top of mind.

— Steve Odland


Published with permission of FTI Consulting.

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